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We are pleased to express our desire and willingness to cooperate with you in the implementation of all projects according to the technical specifications required, as well as our readiness to equip you with all your needs of materials, equipment and from the best known global originators, hoping to contribute with you in the reconstruction campaign of Iraq We are confident that you will find what we have offered above to suit needs and we look forward to working together in future projects your with you..

  • Tahseen Assi Mohsen


About us !

We believe in the power of great ideas.

We are pleased to offer you Fajer Al Khaleej Contracting Co. Ltd., one of the Iraqi private sector companies specialized in the implementation of various civil, mechanical and electrical projects and the processing of materials and equipment of different sizes (heavy and light) with a capital of (2,002,000,000) two billion and two million Iraqi dinars. Our company depends on the expertise of its specialized engineering and technical cadres and to follow the method of scientific implementation with high standards in all fields, especially in the field of civil projects of all kinds, as well as mechanical and electrical works, processing of materials and equipment and all complementary activities of these projects. Fajer Al Khaleej Contracting Co. Ltd. is a company managed by highly experienced and efficient personnel with the ability to assimilate modern technologies and interact with rapid developments in the field of design preparation, implementation and use of the latest technologies, machinery and equipment. The company employs a large number of engineers in all specialties, technicians and skilled workers in the field of civil, mechanical and electrical work. They are divided into groups working in the form of specialized work teams at various levels. We have enough machinery and equipment and a number of workshops and maintenance.



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