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Our Departments

Board Of


The Board of Directors of the Company is composed of the main members of the Company and who have key shares in the Company. The main duty of the Board is as follows:

  • The regular meeting to discuss the general budget and distribute the profits and organize the company›s work according to the requirements of each stage.

  • The emergency meeting to make strategic decisions that the Directormanegar can not decide upon.



In this department a group of engineers specialized in the work of the tables of the projects using the latest programs specialized in the calculation of quantities and cost as well as provide the technical and engineering section of the timetables for the completion of projects and the percentage of periodic completion of each project and coordination with the owner and consulting office in the variables of the moment and its mission is:

  • Preparing the schedule of quantities of construction and services in detail and setting the correct and appropriate pricing to compete to win the project tender. This enables the owner to provide him with the best prices due to the high accuracy in the quantities calculation.

  • Ensure that the tables of quantities contain all the elements and details required with precision.

  • Preparation of schedules of projects under implementation.

  • Preparation and confirmation of commercial payments before submission.

  • Coordinating with the relevant authorities in implementing the project and overcoming obstacles.

  • Preparation and submission of final payments

Technical and


The technical and engineering section consists of several sections:

  • Head of Section:
    The head of the senior engineers shall be responsible for the head of the department and the project managers shall be associated with it

  • Civil Section:
    Divided into two parts:

    • A

      Constructional Section:
      It is specialized in the construction works of concrete works under the ground and the upper ones, as well as the works of surveying and installation of the retrograde level of the project.

    • B
      Construction and Architectural:
      It is specialized in all construction works and finishes and show the project in the required form of the works of decorations and paints of all kinds and blacksmithing and carpentry as well as the processing of all materials (gravel, sand, sub-baes ... etc.).

  • Mechanics:
    Specialized in all mechanical works inmechanical projects

  • Electrical and Electronic:
    It is specialized in all internaland external electrical works of the project and the calculation of loads and distribution

Public Relations

and Trading

This department is specialized in coordination with government and private departments, companies and suppliers in order to facilitate the work of the sections of the company from the import and transfer of materials within the State or outside, as well as get the best prices as well as interested in the business of the company in the import and export of materials and equipment that the company contracts with customers on processing.

Accounts Department and

Personnel Affairs

The accounting and personnel affairs department is responsible for the numbers of all employees in the company, preparing monthly salaries, periodic leave and coordination in the recruitment of foreign workers and returning them to their countries in case of termination of contracts. The department also deals with receiving payments and payment of subcontractors, suppliers.

Machineries and


It is specialized in the maintenance and organization of the work of cars and equipment and all heavy mechanisms and specialist between projects and the way and methods of transfer and maneuver from one site to another.



Organizing and managing the materials and equipment of the company from scaffolding, elevators and protection materials and follow-up the supply on time and return them to the company›s stores if they do not need them.



This department takes care of the public health of the workers and the confirmation of the cleanliness of housing as well as follow up the normal and emergency cases of workers and rehabilitation for the purpose of returning to work in addition to follow-up security and safety precautions within the site.