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General Contracting

Build everything you needs.

At The Fajer Al-khaleej Company, we pride ourselves on giving our clients more than they expect. If you have an architect, you have drawings and you’re ready to build, we’re here to get the job done. And we’ll deliver an exceptional project with a headache-free owner experience. We have the track record to prove it.

General Contracting

Build everything you needs.

Long story short, if hiring a general contractor is your best bet for success, we’re your best choice. But don’t take our word for it. See what our clients have to say about our work and their experiences working with us. Read our client testimonials here. Or, see the awards and recognition we’ve earned through the years.
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About us !

We believe in the power of great ideas.

We are pleased to offer you Fajer Al Khaleej Contracting Co. Ltd., one of the Iraqi private sector companies specialized in the implementation of various civil, mechanical and electrical projects and the processing of materials and equipment of different sizes (heavy and light) with a capital of (2,002,000,000) two billion and two million Iraqi dinars. Our company depends on the expertise of its specialized engineering and technical cadres and to follow the method of scientific implementation with high standards in all fields, especially in the field of civil projects of all kinds, as well as mechanical and electrical works, processing of materials and equipment and all complementary activities of these projects. Fajer Al Khaleej Contracting Co. Ltd... Read More



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Our Departments

Departments Of Company


Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Company is composed of the main members of the Company and who have key shares in the Company ...

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Engineering Office

In this department a group of engineers specialized in the work of the tables of the projects using the latest programs specialized in the calculation of ...

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Technical and Engineering

The technical and engineering section consists of several sections: 1.Head of Section:The head of the senior ...

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Public Relations and Trading

This department is specialized in coordination with government and private departments, companies and suppliers in order to ...

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The legal department is specialized in studying contracts, making observations and opinions, following up on their implementation and representing the company before official ...

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Accounts and Personnel Affairs

The accounting and personnel affairs department is responsible for the numbers of all employees in the company ...

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Machineries and Machines

It is specialized in the maintenance and organization of the work of cars and equipment and all heavy mechanisms and specialist between ...

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Organizing and managing the materials and equipment of the company from scaffolding, elevators and protection materials and follow-up the supply on time ...

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Public Health

This department takes care of the public health of the workers and the confirmation of the cleanliness of housing as well as follow up the normal and emergency cases ...

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Company Activity

Activity Of The Company.

The company specializes in the complete management of industrial projects, commercial buildings, residential buildings, both horizontal and vertical, and education, entertainment and marketing centers. The company executes all the infrastructure projects for cities and roads and the implementation of mechanical and electrical works. The team of engineers, surveyors and technicians is highly experienced in all fields of business, whether civil, mechanical or electrical. The team of engineers, surveyors and technicians has a high level of experience in all fields of business, whether civil or mechanical. Or electric that makes our company have a good reputation and our business has talked about us. At Fajer Al Khaleej Contracting Co. Ltd., we believe that our understanding and appreciation of the customers’ requirements is the secret of our success. We live within the concept of the customer for life and do our best to provide the best value to our valued customers through our quality of business and providing them with products and services. We also believe that our employees make the company








Our company is fully aware of its occupational health and safety responsibilities at the work sites for all individuals, engineers, technicians, workers, employees, subcontractors and visitors. It is committed to continuously improving the health and safety management system to comply with all applicable international standards and all applicable occupational health and safety regulations and regulations in America and Europe In this context, our company implements the following procedures:

  • 1

    Alert all workers to the notification they can get at the site and train them on how to cope and overcome them.

  • 2

    Provide fire fighting equipment and train employees on how to use it.

  • 3

    Train employees to use the correct and proper mechanisms and equipment and methods of operation in a manner that ensures their safety.

  • 4

    Review the training procedures that workers need periodically and regularly. 5-

  • 5

    Provide intensive training for new workers and staff, especially when new work sections, mechanisms or equipment are introduced to the site.

  • 6

    Provide general guidance and guidelines for correct management incase of emergency or in case of accidents during work

  • 7

    Find a means of quick contact with the nearest hospital or health center.

  • 8

    Provide professional workplace safety manuals containing professional safety instructions, instructions and conditions.

  • 9

    Ensure that all employees of the site comply with the terms and conditions of occupational safety established by the company and to ensure adherence to it and not to tolerate those who violate any of its provisions.

  • 10

    Encourage employees to participate in occupational safety training programs as well as encourage their contributions in this regard.

  • 11

    Consider occupational safety requirements as a binding requirement for on-site employment.


Quality Control

Quality is our progress .

Our company is committed in all stages of its projects under execution by work in order to realize the best quality according to the international standards and for the enhancement of this commitments, our company had adhered to find and develop the system to manage the quality control according to the international work standards and as the engineer, the director of the project is committed to send the quality control enhanced with the picture and the statements of the site visits to the beneficiary party daily, and our company is committed to continue and develop to enter improvement to programs of the quality control through continuous attendance for this system and on light of the field information given for each project.



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Our Staff

Staff Of Company

The company consists of the authorized and assistant director and a select team of engineers in all the specialties required by the company in addition to the legal advisor, accountants and the rest of the staff to manage the company.

Consultant Eng 2
Architect Eng 2
Civil Eng 4
Mechanical Eng 4
Electrical Eng 3
Survey Eng 3
Technicians 22
Accountants 4
Administrators 8
Lawyers 2
welders 25
Blacksmiths 20
Carpenters 17
Skilled 30
workers 60
Excavators 7
Bulldozer 5
Graders 5
Shovels 7
Side boom 8
Crane lift 4
Welding machines 20
Forklift 5
dump truck 6
Automatic welding 8
machines 7
Multi-size road roller 10
Pickup 4
Generator 6

In addition, the company owns workshops and laboratories of various types and full-time for the completion of the company›s projects as well as the efficiency of the cadres working in these workshops and laboratories, including central blacksmith workshops and the factory for the production of reinforced concrete. The company owns a fleet of central cars for prefabricated concrete and transport vehicles construction materials in addition to service cars and pelvic.


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